Orlando Sentinel, 22 May 2005.
Elizabeth Maupin reviews Matt's one-man show Eye Candy at the Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival:

To say that Matt Henry makes juggling look cool is really saying something. Circus performers tend to give non-circus performers the willies (maybe it's all that gold lamé). And even Henry, whose terrific Fringe show is called Eye Candy, admits that jugglers will never be celebrities in a world populated with Ambers and Robs.

But somebody (Donald Trump, where are you?) ought to make this guy famous, because Henry is a hoot -- quick-witted, ingenious and a natural with break-away underwear. (The occasional mild sexual undertone will escape most kids in the audience.)

Of course, he's also a pretty nifty juggler. Maybe we're all ‘rubes in the sticks’, as he says jokingly, but I for one am impressed when someone juggles a bowling ball, a machete and an apple that he happens to be eating at the same time.

Fringe audiences loved Henry and a partner, Randy Cabral, in the two-man shows they did a couple of years back. But Eye Candy is even better (credit should go, also, to director Chad Lewis and a host of offstage jugglers and voices). There's so much creativity here, from the offhand remarks to the ingenious use the performer makes of the Great Gonzo and Kermit the Frog. When the onstage Henry seems to juggle with a video of himself on a movie screen, well, that's just the coolest of cool.
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